Drink Menu


    The Senators Old Fashioned

    Crown Royal Northern Harvest rye, Canadian maple syrup, Kensington Bitters, Cherrywood-Port Smoked Glass, Orange Essence

    2 oz. | $16.00

    Cherry Bourbon Old Fashioned

    Woodford Reserve, Cherry Bitters, Fonseca Port, Simple Syrup, Orange Essence

    2.25 oz. | $15.00

    White Negroni

    Wild Life Barrel Aged Gin, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Lillet Blanc

    2.25 oz. | $16.00

    Charlie's Old Fashioned

    Maker’s Mark, Pimm’s, Orange Syrup, Cherry Bitters, Cinnamon

    2 oz. | $15.00


    Crimson Forest

    Sloe Gin, Campari, Green Chartreuse, Prosecco, Dill Syrup, lemon, Pink Peppercorn

    5 oz. | $15.00

    1896 Sour

    Mezcal, Cointreau, Crème De Cassis, Orange Syrup, Lime, Aquafaba, Aztec Chocolate Bitters

    2 oz. | $14.00

    Coco & Clementine

    Grand Marnier, Crème De Cacao, First Crush Beer Float, Lemon, *Almond Extract, Cinnamon

    3 oz. | $14.00

    Winter in Fiji

    Flor De Caña 3 & 5 Year Rum, Chambord, Amaro Montenegero, Blackberry, Vanilla Bourbon Syrup, Lemon, Cherry Bark Bitters, *Contains Almonds

    2.5 oz. | $14.00

    Crisp Afternoon

    Apple Ciroc, Peppermint Schnapps, Prosecco, Honey, Lemon

    5 oz. | $14.00

    Cold, Dark & Stormy

    Goslings Black Rum, Crème De Cassis, Ginger Beer, Cranberry Apple Syrup, Lime

    2 oz. | $14.00

    Classic Cocktails


    Sparkling Wine, Choice of Orange, Pineapple or Grapefruit Juice

    3 oz. | $10.00


    Vodka, Clamato Juice, Worcestershire, Tabasco, Pickled Asparagus, Celery Salt Rim

    1 oz. | $10.00

    Red or White Sangria

    Wine, Brandy, Juice, Seasonal Fruit

    5 oz. | 12.00


    Eau Claire Prickly Pear, La Marca Prosecco, Lemon Juice, Lavender Bitters, Simple Syrup, Lemon

    6 oz. | $15.00

    Aperol Hibiscus Spritz

    Aperol, La Marca Prosecco, Hibiscus Syrup, Orange Slice

    5 oz. | $15.00

    Cocktail Forgery

    Sun Kissed

    Grapefruit Juice, Vanilla Rooibos tea, Honey, Pinch of Cinnamon, *Contains Almonds


    Berry Iced Tea

    Seasonal Berries, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Iced Tea


    Ginger Julep

    Grizzly Paw Ginger Beer, Mint, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup


    Pineapple Spritz

    Pineapple Juice, Peppermint Tea, Simple Syrup, Soda


    Nada Colada

    Coconut Milk, Pineapple Juice, Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Coconut Shaving Rim


    Earl Grey Lemonade

    Lemon Juice, Creme Earl Grey Tea, Simple Syrup, Soda


    Draught Beer

    20 oz

    Trolley 5 First Crush – White IPA
    Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk – Scottish Ale
    Ribstone Creek Abbey Lane – English Mild
    Fahr Pils – Pilsner
    Fahr Hefe – Hefeweizen


    Bottled Beer

    Local Bottles

    Big Rock Grasshopper
    Big Rock Traditional
    Coors Light
    Mill Street Lager
    Sleemans Cream Ale


    Imported Bottles

    Guinness Irish Stout
    Fruli Strawberry Beer
    New Castle Brown Ale
    Stella Artois
    Phillip’s Blue Buck
    Strongbow Dry Cider