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    Alchemy and Aura – Cocktails & Dinner

    6 Apr 2023, 6:30pm–10:00pm
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    This event has passed.

    Alchemy and Aura – Cocktails & Dinner

    Dinner Menu created by our Executive Chef, Bern Glatz.

    Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that will take your taste buds on a journey through time and space!

    We’re excited to invite you to our upcoming cocktail event, where we’ll explore new frontiers in mixology and showcase the transformative power of distillation. Cocktail Menu created by Stephen Martinson from My Cocktail Empire.

    Indulge in high-end ingredients while immersing yourself in a unique and unforgettable flavour journey. From floral and citrusy to fruity and oaky and all the way to ozonic, our cocktails will surely delight and challenge your senses.

    Join us on April 6th for a night of fine dining, exquisite cocktails, and great company.

    Get your tickets now before they sell out!


    Tuna Tartare

    Lemongrass Aioli, Pineapple, Green Chili, Cucumber, Tamari, Rice Chip

    Brant Lake Wagyu Striploin

    Vanilla Hollandaise, Sunchoke, Shaved Foie Gras, Asparagus

    Gin & Tonic

    Gin Soup, Lemon Sorbet, Smoked Meringue, Tonic Pearls, Lemon & Rosemary Pearls





    Aqua Regia

    Honey Eau de Vie / Rose / Elderflower / Orange Blossom / Pink Grapefruit / Electric Daisy / Bollinger La Grande Annee Foam / 24K Gold

    Aqua Regia is a highly corrosive mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid capable of dissolving even noble metals such as gold and platinum.
    It was a significant advancement in chemical engineering, enabling scientists and engineers to work with these metals in new and innovative ways.
    In addition, Aqua Regia played a crucial role in developing nuclear technology as it was used to dissolve uranium and plutonium during the Manhattan Project.


    Bourbon / Agarwood / Pomegranate / Vanilla / Oakmoss / Tobacco Bitters / Aged in Syrah Cured Oak Barrel

    Rotoscoping is a technique used in animation to create lifelike movements in drawings by tracing over live-action footage.
    It was invented by Max Fleischer in 1915 and has been used in many classic animated films.
    Rotoscoping allowed animators to capture subtle movements and create more accurate drawings, making their animations more realistic.

    Quantum Flux

    Forest Distillate / Petrichor Distillate / Mezcal / Quinquina / Absinthe / Smoke Bubble

    Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon in quantum mechanics where two particles can become entangled in such a way that the properties of one particle are dependent on the other, regardless of the distance between them.
    Quantum entanglement has also provided insights into the fundamental nature of reality at the quantum level.

    6 Apr 2023, 6:30pm–10:00pm
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