Al Fresco Dome Dinner: A taste of the Mediterranean

    Al Fresco Dome Dinner: A taste of the Mediterranean
    “Al Fresco Dome Dinner: A taste of the Mediterranean” is a PAST EDITION

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    Let us take you on a culinary trip around the world in our pop-up garden globes reimagined as travelling capsules. We are happy to introduce our new Al Fresco dining concept, rejoicing the most celebrated cultures and cuisines worldwide. Every month, we will transport you to a new desired holiday destination, featuring an exciting fare and an immersive ambience inspired by our country of arrival.

    For the entire month of August, we bring the seaside to you with A taste of Mediterranean. Experience the fresh aromatic cuisine reminiscent of the vibrant and rich in colours and flavours of European beaches. Whether you want to imagine a late-night dinner in Santorini or indulge in the Capri island’s sweet aromas, our chefs will transport your tastebuds on a coastal trip.


    1st Course

    Grilled Humboldt Squid
    grilled garlic butter Humboldt squid steak, white beans, seafood corn nage, micro fennel shavings


    Mediterranean Lamb
    charred lamb and lemon kofte with a walnut and feta sauce, lemon arugula


    crispy polenta with grilled artichoke hearts, kale crisps and tomatillo puree

    2nd Course

    Beef Carpaccio
    mustard and herb crusted beef carpaccio, pickled onions, sous vide arugula, crispy capers, and focaccia crisps


    Summer Beet Salad
    red beet puree, roasted purple beets, candied beet carpaccio, golden beet foam, wild greens


    Mussels Escabeche
    chilled mussel salad with aromatic vegetable and herb bouillabaisse, with house made mayonnaise bread crisps

    3rd Course

    Lemon Herb Sea Bass
    Chargrilled European sea bass filet, black lentil succotash, tomato confit, chef’s daily organic vegetables


    Vine Ripened Tomato Charred Beef
    chargrilled sundried tomato beef loin, herb and garlic butter, truffled potato rosti, daily organic vegetables


    Grilled Vegetable Tartelette
    grilled vegetable and olive tartelette, fresh caramelized black figs, agave roasted sweet potato, white bean and chicory puree, garden vegetables

    4th Course

    Aperol Panna Cotta
    with a roasted apricot sauce, fresh berries, mint and dehydrated sugared lemon wheel


    Vegan Panna Cotta

    * please email [email protected] if a children’s menu is required

    Travelling reimagined

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